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Effective Date

January 1, 2017


To protect both the children, youth, volunteers, and staff of CrossWay Baptist Church


This policy is authoritative over any ministry activity directly or indirectly sponsored by CrossWay Baptist Church in which individuals under the age of eighteen (18) would reasonably be unexpected to be accompanied or monitored by their parent, guardian, or other caretaker.


  1. All volunteers ages eighteen (18) and older working in events catering to minors must submit to a background check. A volunteer may not begin working with minors until his or her background check results have been received and reviewed by CrossWay staff.
  2. Any event sponsored by CrossWay Baptist Church catering to minors where those minors’ parents or guardians are not expected to be present must have at least two (2) adult volunteers present in a room occupied by one (1) child or more.


Chairman, Board of Elders | Date

Sherman C. Boyd | 2/21/2017

Clerk | Date

Sharon Conyers | 2/21/2017