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Effective Date

January 1, 2017


To provide consistency and organization among the body of policies at CrossWay Baptist Church


This policy applies to all policies duly adopted as required by the Bylaws at the time of adoption.


All policies duly adopted as required by the Bylaws of CrossWay Baptist Church must be kept with the Bylaws presented with the Bylaws as an appendix to the Bylaws. Each policy shall be index with a policy number beginning with three (3) letters determining the committee that approved the policy. These are as follows:

Duly adopted policies that were not approved by a committee shall use the letters GEN to denote General Policies. Policies that establish Non-Temporary Ad Hoc Committees must state a three (3) letter prefix for policies approved by that committee.

The numbers shall be assigned in sequence as policies are adopted beginning with 001.

Policies shall be kept in order beginning with the General Policies in numeric sequence, the all other polices in alpha-numeric order by policy number.

Each policy must be signed by the Chairman of the Board of Elders and a representative of the approving Committee (preferably the Chairperson of the Committee). The Clerk shall sign General Policies in the stead of a Committee Representative.


Chairman, Board of Elders | Date

Sherman C. Boyd | 2/21/2017

Clerk | Date

Sharon Conyers | 2/21/2017